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Our 15 Passenger Bus Rental San Francisco is the first option in our bus services. Starting off with a max capacity of 15 people, San Francisco 15 Passenger Busses can transport a small crowd to any function you desire! This could be weddings, concerts, water parks, etc. Additionally try out a  Sprinter Van or Mercedes Sprinter Limo which can in hold roughly 14 people.

We are proud to say that we have partnered with all local limo rental services in an effort to being you the highest quality busses and other forms of transportation. San Francisco Bus Rental Services offer you the best busses at the best prices.

San Francisco Party Bus Rental Services

San Francisco 15 Passenger Party Busses are decked out with the latest and greatest in transportation technology. You will never be bored during a ride in one of your 15 passenger party busses, as we make sure all of our busses are equipped with the essentials:

Our San Francisco 15 Passenger Busses may come with:

  • San Francisco NightLife
  • San Francisco Clubs
  • San Francisco Balls
  • San Francisco Sporting Events
  • And more!
San Francisco Party Bus Rental Services

San Francisco Limo Bus Rentals

A 15 Passenger Party Bus is he perfect solution to any small event that requires transportation.

The Limo Bus 15 passenger could Have the following choices:‚Äč

  • Wraparound Limousine style Seating
  • San Francisco Limo Bus 15 passenger seating
  • 4,000 Watt Sound system
  • Stocked Bar
  • Dance Pole in  center 
  • LED color changing ground lighting (RGB lighting)
  • LED coloration converting Bar Tops (Neon Glow)
  • Special club lights rigged to ceiling
  • Fog machine
  • Wifi and internet
  • Champagne Bar, with other drinks
  • Stainless mirrored Ceiling with star roof
  • storage
  • and more
San Francisco Limo Bus Rentals

San Francisco Charter Bus Rental

Make sure to check out the other San Francisco Bus Rental Service packages, such as the Charter Bus.

San Francisco Charter Bus Rental

San Francisco Shuttle Rental Bus Rental

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San Francisco Shuttle Rental Bus Rental
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San Francisco 15 Passenger Buses Rates

San Francisco 15 Passenger Buses rates and pricing can be simply found bu using our easy software that makes as instant price for multiple businesses that you can pick from. Some companies offer point to points. Other businesses offer round trips, multiple stops are usually covered under hourly but sometimes can be classified as hybrid. Hybrid is when you use a vehicle for a transfer AND hourly. This happens a lot at weddings when the customer needs a sedan for 3 hours and then only need a one way transfer for 5 hours later in the day. A lot of companies have minimum hours while some don't. Some charge gas, gratuity and tax in the bill and some don't and some don't even need it. Airport transfers can be weird due to licensing through the airport and varies per business.

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15 Passenger Bus Rental San Francisco | Affordable San Francisco Limousines

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